Post Detox Program


A 6 week follow up program
Phase 2 of the 6 week detox program
Maintaining weight + keeping a healthy lifestyle

This is a follow up program to the 6 Week ‘Detox Program’, and focuses on maintaining the already achieved weight loss. The program teaches clients how to incorporate food groups into their diet in a balanced way so that they can keep a healthy lifestyle whilst keeping the weight off.

This program is perfect for someone who:

  • Feels a bit worried about going off the program and wants a step by step plan
  • Wants to achieve some further weight loss
  • Wants to introduce more food groups but not lose their ‘fresh feeling’
  • Needs advice on how to maintain their weight loss
  • Needs guidance on how to stay healthy long term
  • Because of Sandra i looked like the dream bride i never could have imagined, but most importantly, i felt so good. I felt so light and healthy.
  • I lost 8 kilos in 6 weeks and have never felt more alive and healthy.
  • The results were fantastic as I lost 6½ kilos in 5 weeks and felt amazing! I would thoroughly recommend Sandra’s services not only for a great outcome but for her attention to detail, intelligent support and encouragement that helps you push through to your goal.
  • Something that started out as a wedding detox became a lifestyle change. I even got my husband onboard and we are both the healthiest and happiest we’ve ever been thanks to Sandra.
  • After trying several diets for years on my own - this detox Sandra implemented finally did the trick and made me loose the unwanted kilos I have been wanting to loose for so long!
  • After my six week detox plan I did hit my goal weight, but I feel this was just a by-product of the overall process. The real achievement was the great improvement in my overall state of well-being.

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