I always imagined that a few months after having a baby I would simply return back to my normal size. Hell, I was even optimistic that I may end up a few kilos lighter. I mean, I wasn’t working so I’d have all the time in the world to go for long walks with my little bundle and the weight just melted away with breastfeeding right?? WRONG!

Depressingly, at 6 months postpartum I was left with an extra 8 kilos that were more stubborn than my newborn at nap time…I wasn’t feeling great both physically and mentally. I spent hundreds of dollars on Mumsy, cover-all one pieces to take my little girl to swimming lessons and became that person who shopped for clothes that hid her embarrassing body well rather than buying clothes that I loved and felt great wearing. Something had to be done, especially since I was leaving to travel around Europe in a couple of months! Urgh!

I spoke with Sandra about her detox program as I had heard through friends that Sandra designed weight loss regimes that were producing dramatic results. To be honest, I doubted it would work for me. I figured that to get such drastic results, drastic measures must be required and my sluggish, sleep-deprived-self simply didn’t feel up to the challenge. Regardless, I was intrigued so I met up with Sandra to get the skinny on her methods.

I was very impressed with Sandra’s philosophies and deep consideration of my personal circumstances. Rather than focusing on what I could remove from my diet, Sandra expertly advised what type of foods and supplements could be introduced to give me both more energy and reduce the postpartum inflammation I had been suffering from.

Sandra’s approach was very much an educational process that taught me so much about the benefits of eating clean, whole foods and implementing a wholistic mind-body approach to nutrition.

After our first consultation, I wasn’t scared off as anticipated by a gruelling, restrictive program packed with cardio and calorie counting. Instead, I was inspired by my new-found wisdom on eating to feel good and get the nutrients I needed to get back to feeling (and looking) like pre-baby me.

After my six week detox plan I did hit my goal weight, but I feel this was just a by-product of the overall process. The real achievement was the great improvement in my overall state of well-being. From around 10 days into the detox I felt a shift in my energy levels and my general attitude became much more positive. I began to feel capable instead of overwhelmed in my new role as a Mum.

Ultimately, Sandra’s detox gave me a real insight into the link between health & nutrition and one’s state of mind. I believe we are all meant to feel happy and energised all the time and I would highly recommend Sandra’s detox to anyone hoping to achieve this improved state of overall well-being.

Thank you so much Sandra for helping me feel and look my very best. I know you will do very well in your career and have the opportunity to help others as you have me xxx




A fter trying several diets for years on my own – this detox Sandra implemented finally did the trick and made me lose the unwanted kilos I have been wanting to lose for so long! By doing something completely different – fasting and going vegan. This shocked my system and the kilos finally started to drop.

Having the online support was vital for me as every week you have to report in on how you were doing and also your weight loss – making it way harder to cheat :))

I also really enjoyed phase 2 (after detox) where you implement some of the food you have previously taken away. To my surprise I was able to loose more weight during this phase. It also feels like a real treat to add in things you have taken out making it feel really easy. I have made lasting changes to my diet due to this program that will stay with me going forward. This is what I wanted to get out of the diet from the beginning. Even my husband is a converted vegan and asks for vegan food all the time.

I highly recommend this program and this is now something I want to do at least 3 times a year to reset my body.

I also cant recommend Sandra highly enough, she is amazing!




S andra created a 6 week detox program for me after I asked for a good way to lose weight and tone up for my wedding. I was diagnosed with IBS as a teenager so a lot of detoxes and diets I’ve tried before had never worked. I had tried FODMAP and the Paleo Diet amongst others with a variety of accompanying non-traditional remedies such as Ayurvedic massage, acupuncture and meditation to ease stomach cramps and stress. Nothing made a real difference so I didn’t have high hopes for this detox program I was presented.

During this time, Sandra constantly checked in to see how I was going and if I had any questions. I showed her my meal plans and she made changes and gave suggestions which were very helpful.

The first week was hard. I was tired, grumpy and I think my body was a little confused. I was craving sugar and carbs but was determined to follow the program. After a couple of weeks I started feeling a lot better and noticed I hadn’t had any of my usual stomach cramps (or other unpleasant symptoms that comes with IBS). My skin was clearer, my hair was shinier and my mood was better. I’ve exercised regularly for years but haven’t noticed much weight loss. Now my arms and legs were finally toned and by the end of the 6 weeks my abs were visible. I felt so great I decided to stick with the vegan diet. Although I had a couple of indulgences in alcohol and sugar every now and then, one year later and now pregnant, I’m still vegan and feeling great. I regularly do blood tests to make sure I’m in a healthy range and always get praised by my doctor for the outstanding blood results!

So, something that started out as a wedding detox became a lifestyle change. I even got my husband onboard and we are both the healthiest and happiest we’ve ever been thanks to Sandra.




A fter a summer travelling and overindulging in rich food and drink I wanted to get healthy and lose some weight quickly. Sandra offered me a bespoke detox plan that took into consideration my goals and how that could work around my busy lifestyle.

We started by creating a personal heath profile that explored past history, mental wellbeing and future objectives. Once I was on the detox Sandra would check in to see how it was progressing and answer any questions that might arise.

The results were fantastic as I lost 6½ kilos in 5 weeks and felt amazing! I would thoroughly recommend Sandra’s services not only for a great outcome but for her attention to detail, intelligent support and encouragement that helps you push through to your goal.




I contacted Sandra 7 weeks prior to my wedding. It had been 8 months since I’d had my son. I gained about 24kg during my pregnancy and by Christmas I had a couple of kg left and I knew I wouldn’t be able to lose them on my own. Being time poor I didn’t have time to go to the gym or do any classes, hence why Sandra’s approach to detoxing suited me perfectly.
I caught up with Sandra and she asked me lots of questions and I felt an immediate confidence in her ability to be able to help me. She said she had seen my situation many time before and I felt so reassured when she said “7 weeks is heaps of time. You will definitely get the result you want”. With that I knew anything was possible.
Sandra got me on a 6 week detox program and already after 2 weeks I felt like a new person. I had so much energy it was almost hard to fall asleep!

The results started showing quickly and because they do you’re so eager to keep going. Sandra had daily check ins in case something needed to be modified but more to see how I felt and if I had any questions. That was basically the best part of the program. You didn’t feel left alone and annoying when you had a question. She gladly responded either if it was via phone, email or text.
The results I started seeing were actually mind blowing. In 5 weeks I had lost 5kg and I could wear the skinny jeans I’d kept since 2013. I now looked better then before I got pregnant. Because of Sandra I looked like the dream bride I never could have imagined, but most importantly, I felt so good. I felt so light and healthy and I was eating FOOD. This wasn’t a chicken, broccoli diet, this was GOOD nutrition. Sandra taught me so much about food and this lifestyle is staying with me and now my husband forever. I am forever grateful and would recommend THE VIKING WOMAN to anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle in order to feel their best!




I signed up to The Viking Woman’s’ detox program for several different reasons but the main one being that I just wanted to feel better about myself. I am a mother of two gorgeous boys aged 6 and 1, and run a mortgage brokering business has challenged my sleep, my weight, my energy levels and my general well-being.

Something had to change, but willpower alone wasn’t going to be enough for me. I’ve tried that and only left myself feeling disappointed. I needed to be accountable, I needed to be guided, I needed someone to hold my hand through it all, and Sandra was the PERFECT person to do that with.

I had weekly catch-ups with her where not only did she encourage and motivate me to keep going, but she made it educational and exciting. As every week passed I felt more in control. I had more energy to spend on my family, I had clarity and focus in the workplace, I saw the weight disappear and my skin felt smooth and renewed, even the hubby said so! I lost 8 kilos in 6 weeks and have never felt more alive and healthy.

Thank you Sandra from the bottom of my heart. You are truly amazing at what you do and I am eternally grateful to you, THE VIKING WOMAN.